Solutions that enable us to ensure and maintain consistent quality of service are critical to us, regardless of scope, scope and urgency.

To our knowledge, we apply the most in-depth translation quality control and error prevention programs. Having many years of experience knowing all the force majeure and preventive measures, we act as a coherent unified system, synergistically ensuring the same high quality in all areas of competence.

In order to ensure quality, office management is organized in accordance with international quality standards LST EN ISO 9001: 2015, LST EN 17100: 2015, and we carry out annual audits to ensure compliance. The translation service provider demonstrates that the specified translation services meet these international standards and that, by applying the processes and resources described in this standard, it provides services to the client and other applicable specifications.

The current specifications include the specifications of the client, the translation provider itself, and the specifications provided in other relevant industry codes, guides to good practice or other legislation.

These certifications demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and ensure that our services meet customer and statutory requirements.

The internal office quality standard, job descriptions, translators’ workbooks, structured experience, motivational reward systems, best practice examples, quality job compliance criteria allow you to maintain the quality of the standard in non-standard conditions, and give employees feedback and motivation for continuous professional growth.