Professionalism. It is our main condition. Being professionals in our field, we take tasks and projects entrusted to us extremely professionally. We work with certificated specialists who are continuously improving their qualification. We cooperate with translators from public institutions, translators certified for work in Brussels, Vilnius University teachers holding a Master’s or doctoral degree in philology and translation studies.

Creativity and flexibility. Our work is built not only on standard solutions. Every decision is made based on the needs and interests of the client. Working with every institution, we do our best to learn specific terms used only in that professional language, compile and approve glossaries to be followed by our team of translators.

Integrity. We are honest with our clients, ourselves, our colleagues and partners. We always keep our word – we deliver translations in time because we know how important it is for you. Loyalty and continuous development allow us to achieve maximum results and receive very positive feedback. We put every effort to ensure that cooperation with our regular clients continues and their positive recommendations bring new clients. We are pleased that our work has won the trust of our clients and they repay us by moving forward together with us.

Special attention to clients. Each client is very important to us. We offer only the best conditions for cooperation and we do everything to meet even the highest expectations. We are strongly committed to each and every client, irrespective of the volume of their order.

Expedition. For most of our clients expedition is one of the key criteria when choosing a service provider. That is why we pay special attention to shortening the response time to clients’ inquiries and optimizing service delivery. Having a large database of translators, we can quickly form teams of translators who over many years of joint work are used to coordinating project terminology, creating and updating project glossaries. Thus we can ensure that even  urgent translations with tight deadlines are always of best quality.

Consistency of all translations. It doesn’t matter how often you come to us or that it has been several years since we last translated a similar document, you can always be sure that the terminology and names are consistent. If a text is too large to be translated by one translator within your deadlines, we will do our best to keep consistent style and terminology. If this is the case, translation is entrusted to a team of experts who use special project glossaries to harmonize the terminology and other internal quality management measures. Smooth work is ensured by a quality manager who is following the urgent project management methodology. For more, see the ‘Methodology’ section.

Timeliness. We understand that sometimes (as it is in the case of tenders, court hearings, etc.) even a perfect translation is worthless if it is delivered too late. We have our own internal measures to control the process and eliminate all obstacles preventing from timely delivery of translation.