Linguistic audit is a systematic analysis of organizational and corporate communication done by linguistic experts. It is a rather new field in Lithuania, but global companies cannot imagine their work without linguistic audit that allows them to see if their actual corporate communication is aligned to their strategic and marketing goals, and how they position themselves. We often see how ignorance of the fine points of language leads to the language targeting a completely different segment than intended, and the segment so targeted failing to recognize the language as its own. Another question is whether the communication is presented in a uniform way; the company needs to speak one language to a distinct target audience, one language that reflects its values and key qualities.

It all depends on the type of the organisation or company: we could analyse one word or segment (a slogan or name as often as not), or we could analyse the entire public or in-house communication of the company or organisation. The scope of audit is very vast: from copy and templates (such as e-mails and presentations) to communication experiences and compliance (such as whether the staff communicate with the clients and among themselves in the right way, and so on). This is particularly relevant in the event of a change in management, strategic goals, values and labor organisation, and so on. Here it is very important to understand the meaning that every word carries, whether it conveys the right message, reaches the target audience, and the connotations it brings forth. Inadequate communication results in cases lost, wrong audiences attracted just as target audiences are missed, which in turn leads to failed work and investment, ruined image, diminished profit. Various communication specialists can offer some communication guidelines, but only an exhaustive, expert linguistic analysis will show if a certain direction will lead to success, and will prevent possible hic-ups from happening; and it takes specialist knowledge of language. This is where Ars Libri comes in: with us, you can check if the communication of your company or organisation is moving in the right direction, order an audit of a new communication strategy, and most importantly, be advised on how the communication in question can be improved.

How is it done? We conduct a thorough semantic, linguistic, phonetic, and stylistic analysis based on special techniques. Our analysis of the client’s material and description of the intended result aims to see if the communication message will be formulated just right. We do not convey what you intended to say with the content of your text, but rather what it really communicates, and present possible corrections as may be requested. One simple case in point is the use of “dear” and “esteemed”. Which of the two would you use when addressing a business segment, and which one when trying to reach households? The entire communication of a company and the definition of its clients is down to just one word.

Our experience is our clients: more than 20 PR agencies, twice as many law firms, technicians, medical companies, governmental institutions, organisations, and so on. They all trust us with translating their texts and shaping high-quality corporate communication.

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