You can always be sure about the quality of our translations – they are all made by professional translators and edited by language editors. If you are not sure about the quality of translation made by someone else, there is no need to order a new translation – we can revise it and, if needed, implement necessary changes. We can always revise your texts for public use (press releases, websites, promotional messages, internal corporate documents, etc.).

Editing of translations. We edit translations that our client already has. We carry out a detailed “audit” of the text, compare it with the source text in terms of correctness, style, terminology, meaning and form (layout). Unlike other translation bureaus, we do not just make a text look and sound beautiful, but make sure it communicates the correct message. We use translators, language specialists and, if needed, revisers of that particular field to make the translation identical to the source text in terms of all qualitative parameters.

Editing of texts. We edit our clients’ texts written in a mother tongue or in any foreign language. Our editors make sure that the text does not have any grammar, spelling, punctuation or language errors, check and harmonize terms and correct the style.