Selection. We implement strict multi-step (recommendations, selection, testing, training, quality monitoring and evaluation by conformity to standards) selection of specialists and continuous overview of their professional development. Looking for new talents, we consult and cooperate with Vilnius University. We invite to join our team specialists who share the same values, are motivated and strive for continuous development. Selected candidates undergo a long training process. Many of our translators are working at the Seimas or European Union institutions.

Development. Our translators and revisers are following what’s new in the science of language, keep record of changes in terminology and neologisms, participate in seminars to ensure they know the latest and most relevant terms and language changes. They are also learning to work with the latest auxiliary translation, revision and glossary building software. Translators extremely benefit from constant feedback and analysis of systematic mistakes. It allows us to improve the translation quality with every job we do.

Specialization. We know fields we are translating about, therefore you receive a translation of the meaning rather than individual words. We also use terms and style of that particular field which makes the translation as good as the source text. We specialize in many areas – it is a result of our long experience. For more, see the ‘Experience’ section.