Our Client

You should contact us if:

  • Your text is important and you are not willing to risk your business, finances or reputation for translation mistakes.
  • You want to be sure that you will not have to waste your time and nerves on correcting translation mistakes.
  • You want to be sure that you will receive your translation in time and you will not have to deal with severe outcomes caused by a lack of organizational and planning skills of a translation bureau.
  • You need a specialist in your field, one who knows what he or she is translating; therefore when you order a translation even for the first time, you expect to get a translation that is written in “your own language”.
  • You need an experienced partner who is not afraid of taking responsibility for multilingual projects.
  • In unexpected cases, you need a partner who is fighting for your result, who is willing to do anything possible and impossible to deliver in time.
  • You want a native editor.
  • You expect professional advice from translators and linguists.
  • You need translation formatting, certification or any other language services.
  • You need guarantees that interpreters are competent enough to interpret both for an expert and for the President.

Call us: tel. +370 699 90656, e-mail us: vertimai@arslibri.lt or fill in the form for quotation.