Vission Mission Values

Our values:
We pride ourselves on our commitment to top quality, perfectionism and business ethics. We often hear saying that it is not worth going deeper into certain aspects of the language since the customer will not show any appreciation for our efforts anyway. However, our aim is to do the job so that it could speak for itself, and we could easily put our signature next to each word translated. That is why young talents found and trained by our experts are successfully working at the Lithuanian Seimas and EU institutions. That is why our customers recommend us not only to their colleagues, but also to their competitors.

We support transparent and responsible business based on the cooperation between educational and social environments. Our philosophy is simple – if everyone follows their values, small islands will be capable of bringing more global changes.

To reduce the gap between learning programmes and business realities, we are cooperating with Vilnius University. We support charity and support funds, actively participate in translation and business communities.

To become the largest translation agency in Lithuania, a synonym for top-quality translation, an example of a responsible, positive and advanced business, and proof that business can be both profitable and ethical.

We choose to provide top-quality translation services, based on the criteria of professionalism, the highest level of competence, quality and ethical standards, best practices in translation and translation business organisation, to state and business leaders and other bodies whose texts require a responsible approach, professionalism, precision, flexibility, adjustment to the proper stylistic and social environment as well as adaptation to what the client needs and can afford.
We choose not to compromise our values, conscience, principles, and give in to pressure from the market to strive for profit at the expense of quality.

We choose to prove our quality with work rather than words; our translations are our signature and our business card, the best marketing tool when it comes to looking for clients who share our values.
We choose to develop and encourage our team who share the same values, abilities and qualities, and who have chosen a professional and career development path that is fully aligned with the agency’s goals.

Being professionals in our field, we choose to assume responsibility for our direct professional and social environment and to share our knowledge with clients – translation partners with a view to increase the business community’s understanding of the importance of correct professional language and top-quality translation in achieving professional goals.

Love of our work and our language
Highest degree of expertise
Uncompromising competence
Responsibility to our work, client, professional and social environment
Spirit of partnership both within our team and in delivering our project client, professional and social environment
Spirit of partnership both within our team and in delivering our projects

We work under the highest professional and ethical standards. We are constantly developing as professionals; we are improving our work and helping our colleagues to improve.
We are focused on our work results rather than working hours. To optimise and standardise the performance processes, we focus on prevention, planning and communication rather than execution, because these measures allow us to stabilise quality regardless of volumes and deadlines.
We assume full responsibility for our work results. If we see that we will not be able to deliver the results by the time agreed, we ask our colleagues for their advice and help well in advance and do not make any excuses such as “I could not do it because…”.
We work professionally, responsibly, driven by love of our work and language, in the spirit of partnership with clients; we understand deadlines and adjust to them.
We look at every mistake as a lesson that allows us to come up with precautions to make sure it does not happen again in future.
We like challenges, and therefore our speciality is assignments that can be seen as “mission impossible” – we turn even hard-to-imagine requests from our clients into reality. Our clients are our bosses and we do our best to serve.

We know that this industry plays by the rule “if you want something, you look for opportunities, if you don’t, you look for excuses” .