Our Client

It is worth to contact us, if:

  • You want more than just a translation – a text integrated in the entire communication of your company and helping to achieve its goals.
  • Your text is important and you do not want to risk your business, finances or reputation that would be threatened by mistakes in the translation.
  • You want to be sure that you will not have to spend additional time and worry about correcting the mistakes in the translation.
  • You want to be sure that you will get the translation by the agreed deadline and you will not have to deal with painful consequences of the lack of organisational and planning skills in translation bureaus.
  • You need a specialist in your field who understands the text he/she is translating very well, even if you order the translation for the first time hoping that it will be written “in your language”.
  • You need an experienced partner who is not afraid to take responsibility for multilingual projects.
  • In unexpected cases, you need a partner who is as excited about your result as you do, moving heaven and earth to provide the translation on time.
  • You want the translation to be proofread by a native editor.
  • You expect a professional consultation provided by translators and linguists.
  • You need the services of layout, validation or other language services.
  • You need a guarantee that the interpreters are competent to translate for both the expert and the President.

Call us: tel. +370 699 90656, e-mail us: vertimai@arslibri.lt or fill in the order form.