Our Team

We are experts of translation, language and management dedicated to our professions, who have been working in the translation market for 20 years.

What unites us?

Leadership and professionalism: in collaboration with Vilnius University and recruitment companies, we carefully select our teammates – leaders with corresponding personal qualities and professionals in their field with corresponding professional qualities, because we believe that professionalism is not enough, each of us has to be a leader in our field with both the rights and the responsibility for the result of the work we manage.
“Curiosity is the stimulus for development”, according to Einstein. We believe that an organisation can develop and evolve in a constantly changing market if each of its members has an internal need for professional and personal growth. During the interview, we try to see if the directions of personal development and self-realisation coincide, because then they act synergistically on both sides. Accordingly, we provide our colleagues with conditions for further professional development and realisation of their ambitions in our company and professional environment through training, educational and social projects.
Values: it is, however, the ultimate criterion for team selection. I like to say that, if we share the same values, everything else can be resolved.
We are united by the love for our work and our language, the feeling of being in the right place, in our “flow”, having pleasure and seeing the meaning in the work process, supreme competence, constant improvement, demanding the maximum of oneself, caring for the quality of translation, responsibility to, first of all, one’s conscience and the language itself, so that every work we do (from a simple document to a state report) is done equally well.
We hope that empathy for customer needs, respectful and transparent partnership, responsibility for professional and social environment resonate with the customers with the same values and serve as the basis for a stable long-term cooperation

The CEO : Giedrė Liutkevičiūtė

I try to live a conscious live based on self-education and self-fulfilment, to create my own life as a piece of art, where how matters more than how much. My creation in business is searching for the answers to the questions: “does it make sense”, “is it innovative”, “does it bring added value to a person and the community” in line with my values and principles. I am sure that this naturally strengthens the brand and, as a consequence, brings the need to share our knowledge and resources in areas neglected by the government, and, paradoxically, it brings the profit from direct business as a consequence.